War by Edwin StarrWar 1

Top Gear – San FranciscoSanfrancisco top gear

Let’s Boogie – DJ AbdelLet's Boogie

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Bandfly like an eagle

Bloody Tears Castlevaniavideo game musicVideo game 2

So, in tone I admit I’ve come to find it easier to get ideas out for negative ideas.  Maybe it’s just a weird sense or humor, or perhaps a cartoony desire for disproportionate reactions in my drawings. Either way, one notable thing for this post is that I have not created story boards the last few days. I came to realize  that it was a requirement of 5 to 7 days of work and not a strict 7. To be perfectly honest before this I was under the impression my classmates simply weren’t doing there work. Lo and behold they were meeting requirements, and I was just mistaken. Though I will say for this final song, I made more boards sense i realized I could spend more time on one song.  Well, that and I just felt like I needed this many boards to not make the ending feel so abrupt. Before he was just going to be dragged into the tv and kill the skeleton, but I felt it wasn’t satisfying and extended it out with more action.

Overall for this project I admit I’m still doing something I don’t take much personal pleasure in, but I guess I try to take solace in knowing I’m working on a skill I usually wouldn’t. Though if I’m to be honest, I find drawing depressing as it is, given that I never even when I was regularly drawing ever saw improvement through a whole semester of a drawing class.  Yes, I can draw much better than this, but in the end, my inability to be where I want to be made me give up, and most likely after this project is over I’ll go back to not drawing. I would love to take this and get to work on some old comics I had started, but I think that would largely be a fruitless effort.



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