So, but necessity I had to split this into two separate blog posts. Last week when I thought everything was there, it would appear the number of pictures and html embedding broke my limit, and a lot of songs and text I had written ended up cut out. Today it was even worse, I didn’t have the space for embedding or even all of my storyboards.

So a few things I want to go over. I admit, last week I absolutely hated this project. o be perfectly honest I should have never agreed or even brought up the idea of doing storyboards. At this point, personally, I am more comfortable with the project, but more in the fact that I’m more accepting that for me to get it done within the time I’m supposed to work on it, the boards by necessity have to look bad. Another side of it is that I have come to accept that even songs that aren’t inappropriate for class, aren’t necessarily songs I shouldn’t use for my own sake.


Paris Rooftops: Sly 2sly 1sly 2


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