So, at this point, I’m still debating how I want to handle this matter. In class on Tuesday I mentioned two possible ideas for the final project. Option 1, using music as a frame of reference to write the script for a scene, and option 2, once again using music as a frame of reference, I would create storyboards for a potential scene.

The reason I’m still debating this matter is due to my own limitations. You see, I am a very action oriented person. That’s not even so much a matter of fighting, but as much dynamic movement and demonstration of a smooth sequence. You would think based upon this I would lean towards the storyboards (and truthfully I am), but I would be remiss to not acknowledge my own limitations.

This was something I knew prior to taking the class, but critiques from my classmates in story boarding reinforced it. Something that was commented on was my images looking very flat and still. Even in my attempts to show a character doing something as simple as sitting up, it would look like they were already sitting up. Have I taken drawing classes? Yes. Have I attempted following a line of action? Yes. Unfortunately, without reference I have limited ability to properly capture something, and even then my actions tend to look very still.

What I’m essentially getting at is that I need opinions. On one hand, I feel like writing a scene is more up my alley, but the other half of me thinks that in the spirit of the project, I should take the time to give drawing another try despite my on and off relationship with it.

What I know for sure is that regardless of what route I go, I know that the song below is definitely the first I am going to adapt in some form or another. To be honest though, I love this song but they have one of the worst group names of all time.


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