I’ve been miserable. The work load has been exhausting for me. Maybe not even just working the on the short, but having to work on the short on top of the documentary, on top of 3 animations, on top of continued to develop film. Today with everything finally finished, I am at ease for the first time in weeks(well about at ease as I’m capable of being).

I’ve said this before(though not on this blog), but if we had gotten every film date we had planned on, the short would have been done before Spring break was even over. Still though, I’m just glad this is done. In the end how I feel about it will come down to reaction. I’m going to just have to see how everyone feels.

On notable tidbit is that in this final version, it’s the ninth cut of the first scene, the fourth cut of the second, and the ninth cut of the final scene. Suffice it to say as time went on there were a lot of reworking and revisions. But once again, we’ll see how relevant it is based upon reaction.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, yes, for one reason or another the documentary is longer than the short itself.


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