So, spring break has come to a close. Mixed bag I think would be the best word to describe it.

Just as spring break began, we wrapped up  filming the very first scene. About two days after this, I planed on getting about half of the second fight done.

I know that could easily come across as a set up to say that we failed, but funny enough, rather than half, we finished the entire fight, which actually put us ahead of schedule.

Unbeknownst to me however, the rest of spring break would not nearly be as productive, so us being ahead lasted until classes came back, at which point we became behind where we planned on.

This however is not any individuals fault in particular. Sometimes it would be conflicts in work schedule, sometimes it would be issues with location(such as AMF being locked even to students on the last day we had to film and could still be on schedule.), and sometimes it was issues of weather preventing us from continuing on into another scene.

Then, break ended, and we got quite a bit of footage shot…then the fight started…

You see, we for smoothness were attempting a dolly shot, and were going to use a rolling bookbag, but we realized that the ground being uneven would ultimately prevent this. So, seeing our error, we removed it from the way it was rigged in the bag, but it was stuck for a brief period, and in our attempts to remove it, the settings on the camera changed.

As a result, the footage  we had came out terrible. Both Judah and Chris gave wonderful performances, but the footage was low resolution and terribly pixelated due to the setting changes.

So that brings us to today. Right now, I have a very rough cut of the film. The majority of what is missing is shots still needed from the final scene, along with some simple supplementary shots to act as transitions. With the weekend coming up, along with filming today, I think this will able be done before our deadline.

Oh yeah, during filming what we have of the final scene the police showed up. They didn’t say anything though. I guess they figured out what we were doing from a distance and didn’t feel the need to ask what we were doing.


Below is a list of things I worked out that still need to be done.


Show scene of Judah getting text.

Show scene of Judah going to his car and driving off. Shot at close angles to cover up it being on campus

Judah walking up to the front door of the compound. Have Judah hold back for a moment so I have time to add in sounds of a car parking and locking. Then have him walk up to the door and reach his hand out.

Close up shot of Emily’s face, with light coming on and off of it to imply Judah opened and close the door

Shot of Judah taking his hand off the door, scene proceeds normally, all dialogue shot in one go.

Extended  close up shot of Emily, then having her go into her stance at the very end.


Reshot Chris walk

Reshoot fight parts already done.

Shoot rest of film from there.

Add Credits



The last thing I want to touch on is the documentary. Currently a script for it is working and unfortunately there’s not too much to say as of yet.


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