There an element of regret that comes with every decision. Sometimes it’s out of necessity though, and in this case I didn’t really have a choice.

We had scheduled last Thursday for a filming day on Tuesday, and we had to throw everything out, we had to reassign roles, and shorten our idea for the sake of time.

The weather limiting our ability to film outside, along with the fact that all location scouting done was for outside, along with Spring break coming up there was no way we were going to be able to finish everything we had set out to.

Despite the changes being more manageable, with location issues I’m still not optimistic about our chances. I do believe we’ll have something done, but I’m not optimistic about how this is going to go anymore.

As right now, with the changes, I’ve got new choreography to write, with three of the four fights written having to be thrown out. I’m not particularly worried about this angle of it, just thought it would be relevant bring up.

We’ve also begun a marketing side to this project, with us readjusting out efforts into getting several poster designs made. Posters will be handled by multiple individuals and my intended goal is for in the end to have at least 2 different usable poster designs(3 being best case scenario).

We’ll see what happens from here on out. For me personally I’m not worried about getting things rewritten as much as getting all of the reworking done on time, but as I said,we’ll see what happens.


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