Last week during out meeting, we got a lot of things hashed out. For one, everyone involved drew out concept art for their characters, and all parts involved seem like examples of pieces we will be able to provide for each other.

We also decided on a more concise story. As we expounded upon plot points, we came to the conclusion what we were coming up with would end up too long and/or complicated. Especially after Shawn wrote a scene break down during out conversation and I added up all the time for each scene. Because of this, the story has become a lot more straight forward and will be more manageable withing out production schedule. (or at least I hope) Another step we took was giving Chris more responsibility in writing the story, and having Matt help get it into script form.

As the title of the blog alludes to however, we hit a slow spot due to everyone in the group besides me having a review that took away our meeting day on Tuesday. Since we could not meet, I sent messages to certain individuals on tasks I wanted them to work on in between then and Thursday.

On my end, I got most of the fight choreography done for the film. As of right now, it spans about 3 pages and covers 3 of the five planned fights. I will acknowledge some slight challenge however in writing certain styles I’m not used to. For Muay Thai in particular I looked up quite a few videos and articles as a sort of refresher. Overall I’m happy with how it came out. The link below is to the doc containing the aforementioned choreography which is the bulk of the work I’ve done in the last week.


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