Reactions of an audience can be hard to gauge. The reaction I received however was above and beyond expectation. I admit I wasn’t expecting the laughs I got positive or negative reaction, but better to accept the positivity than question the laughing. Not the first time I got more laughs than I anticipated, but it is something that will probably be integrated into the project. The group pretty early seemed adamant of striking a balanced tone with humor and some seriousness.

And not to overly positive or assuming, but Zack seems like the perfect person to have gotten the role of production manager. He seems to be taking the role seriously and started taking notes as I was during our initial meeting.

Below is what I wrote into the groups google doc. I’m not going to make a habit of copying and pasting the doc, as that would be lazy, but as I write new things into the doc I will share them in consecutive blog posts. The google doc is essentially a more organized version of the notes I took and the progress the group has made in decisions. All info  given subject to change which I will update you on in newer posts. Certain things are removed due to them already being in my previous blog posts.




Director: Dean


Production Manager and Cinematographer: Zach


Storyboarding: Christabel, Matt


Writing: Matt


Group Blog: Shawn


Editing: Christabel, Chris


Choreography and Fight Editing: Dean


Visual Effects: Judah


Documentarian: TBD




Judah: Muay Thai, Protagonist


Chris: Kickboxing, Main Villain, Tournament host, wants to take Judah on as a disciple


Matt: Friend of Protagonist, catalyst for Judah’s tournament entry. Master the Rhythm


Katherine: Boxing, Friend of protagonist


Christabel: 1700’s boxing( , Krav Maga


Shawn: Judo


The Name Debate (Give your opinion if you can.):




So, I didn’t really chime in much while we debated the name. This is mostly because I have mixed feelings on both and think we might need to put more thought into it.


Fists of Vengeance: To me, it sounds too generic, even though I think it reflects the story.


Falling Pheonix: While I like this name more, I feel it does to an extent ruin the ending. Calling this Falling Pheonix I worry sets up the viewer to anticipate exactly where the the downfall of the hero occurs at the end.


Available costume examples:


Lucha Masks


Custom Pants from a Cancelled Project


Shot of My closest


Suffice to say, my closest is plentiful. While I admit the last isn’t the best picture, I show this because I want to emphasize there’s a lot of variety in how we can assemble costumes.

Agenda for Thursday 3/2/2017 (Feel Free to add to this if you think of anything, chances are we’ll discuss more on the day of.)


Agree on tournament ladder


Go over costume ideas


Discuss locations more


Discuss documentation position.



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