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So, I’m a fight choreographer. Or at least I call myself one. So while I admit  I hate to be one note, I figure I suggest something that I personally somewhat specialize in. Despite the videos posted below, I personally have no intention of actually performing any choreography myself. Being a group project I feel it important to for myself to handle just the fight itself. One of the videos below pertains to a series I’m currently working on where CCAD students fight portraying themselves. This however is just the individual story of that video, and I do not consider that indicative of the potential video that could be created. Story ideas I feel are something that hypothetically would have to be fleshed out in group meetings and be cleared with writers and editors. The story of the second should also not be seen as a factor because this is mostly her e to demonstrate potential involvement with after effects if that’s the direction it’s taken. Also while perhaps strange to say, I do not consider gender a factor here. I say this because my fights tend to involve just men and I don’t want to discourage someone who would potentially be interested.


Production manager


Writing (Story and dialogue)

Story Editor

Costume designer


Video editor

Choreography editor

At least 2 performers

After effects Editor (If needed.)


Documentary editor



Preproduction: February 28 to March 12 (writing, story boarding, choreography, story editing, costume designing and gathering)

Production: March 10 to March 26 (Shooting)

Post Production: March 23 to March 30 (Finish Rough Cut Editing)



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