I apologize for the repetition of this post when put next to the last. In the last week the main work I had to get done was the palette(located at the bottom), and the camera movement(as shown in the video.)

And now, I have what I’d like to call the final version of this project. What we have before us is a menagerie animation based upon different philosophies that can be found within Martial Arts. Here they are arranged into different scrolls as to imply they are ancient manuscripts of some kind.

To reiterate:

The far left animation is of a metronome. It represents the pendulum effect within martial arts that involves one using their center or gravity, and core within their movements. I use a metronome rather than an actually pendulum or some kind comes down to a desire to ultimately tie this into the rythmatic nature of martial arts training.

The middle animation is about emptying one’s mind, with it be represented with a literal example or a trash can coming out of a brain. The relevance of this concept comes down to not allowing the mind to be clouded by unnecessary or distracting thoughts. Even a momentary distraction can make a gigantic difference in a situation where on needs to make split second decisions.

The far right animation is based upon the principal of being like water. Water’s being shapeless and able to adapt to anything ties into both the previous animations. With the powerful but flowing movements of the pendulum effect in movements, as well as emptying one’s mind, it can make a martial artist as water, with a combination of both muscle memory as well as a calm yet focused mind. The ideas on their surface come across as contradictions in adjectives, but it speaks of the nature of water with it simultaneously being a form of matter that can be change it’s shape and form and being a sort of representation of chaos, as well as being something that is ultimately formed by the environment around it.

Music used:

“Ascending the Vale” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




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