Perhaps an off thing to comment on, but I do think I’m farther along in this than I initially believed at this point. Last weekend after my adobe subscription expired, I became worried. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get done what I needed to by today when my ability to work became reliant on me being on campus, but in the end I pulled it off. The quality is up for debate, but I completed the background, scroll animation, texturing of the scroll, layout of the scrolls, the brain animation, and placements of the assets onto the scrolls.


Where I retrieved said scroll texture.

Currently, while I have to commit to where I am, before the Thursday, what I hope to do is add a border, banner, or text of some kind to provide context. Though I’m toying with the idea of doing voice over that will have the camera within my editor pan across. Being metaphorical in nature this will be a must.

I’m also considering adding

In testing, I heard this animation compared to that of Home Movies.home-movies

Suffice to say this person was not a fan. Perhaps my decision to use trackback was a mistake, even beyond it making the animation take longer than it should have(beyond the brain with I didn’t do this with because it’s already shaking.), I also feel like it has limited the aesthetic appeal due to me taking it beyond its normal level of line jitter.

The other person kept repeating it over and over trying to figure out the meaning, which is a more positive response I suppose, though once again reinforcing my point on needing to add one of the aforementioned ways to give context. Even if I were to come across this without context I’d never guess it’s about martial arts.

To explain all 3:

The brain animation refers to emptying your mind, here taken in a more literal demonstration in a brain opening up and dumping out a garbage can, which helps it calm itself.

The Metronome represents the pendulum effect with movement in martial arts, where use of one’s core, center of gravity, and momentum allow for maximizing of balance and impact. I use a metronome rather than a more tradition pendulum is due to my desire to reflect the rhythmic nature of martial arts, which in a mental sense I find to be quite similar to learning to play an instrument.

The water is a literal taking on the Bruce Lee video I linked to in my first post on this matter, where he says, “be like water”. To sum it up, waters ability to to take the shape of the cup represents adaptability to any situation, which is both a martial arts and philosophical principal.

Time to end the build up though, this is where I am. Currently eleven seconds, but will be extended as needed when context is added.




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