As a martial artist, when first contemplating this matter, I had a heavy lean towards something within that subject matter. My first thought was to create a set of  characters based upon different martial arts styles. With that in mind, I began to think of different animals that could represent differing styles, but I came to remember that this isn’t a very original idea, with some styles being based around animals as is.


Furious Five of Kung Fu Panda


So instead, I shifted my focus to our modern day. For my final project in my Intro to Cinematic Arts class, I created a video that briefly goes into  the relevance of martial arts in the modern day world.


Obsolete (Martial Arts Short)


Going off of this idea, I wanted to mesh martial arts into designs of modern day soldiers, their weapons(or in one case lack of weapon) representing different styles of martial arts.


First we have Wing Chun. The rumor is, Wing Chun was developed in China by a woman who needed a method to protect herself. It utilizes rapid strikes that can overwhelm even a much larger target. For this reason, I find it is best represented as dual wielding Uzis.


Next we have Taekwondo. While it can differ depending on if one is speaking on ITF or WTF Taekwondo, the style is most famous for its dynamic and beautiful kicks. For this reason while it is much more than kicks, it is a style that can control a fight when at long range. For this reason I liken it to a sniper rifle.

The Below design is a beta, in a more finalized model I will add more Martial arts elements, elongate the legs,  and add another joint to the weapon.




Changing pace a bit, we have Judo. In a modern combat scenario, I could argue this is the most practical of the styles listed. While in a martial arts environment someone might argue that, but in a military environment, where a lot of combat involves long range weapons, Judo I find to be applicable to a tactical knife. While not the first thing everyone would go to if they had other options, when you’re up close, it’s your best chance of surviving.


Taichi I liken to a general. You see, Taichi isn’t exactly a particularly effective method of combat, but it acts as a wonderful supplement. Tai chi can teach a practitioner a lot they might not have known about their body  and mind, and this knowledge can keep one’s mind calm in stressful situations, as well as known how best to maximize the effectiveness of attacks. However such slow movements are realistically no at all effective in an actual fight, the knowledge this style brings can teach one to use their weapons more effectively, in the same way you would want a general to be able to best direct his army to victory.




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